Introductions to Prolog Essay

International Trade and Industry, begun in 1982, to create a “fifth generation computer” Prolog in the real world Prolog is not used much nowadays still, for some activities it can be very useful – probably it was Just a bad idea to use it as a system programming language. There are implementations usable for parts of the logic of complex applications e. G. Written in Java first of all: rapid prototyping. E. G.

Prolog was used at Ericson for implementing the first Erelong interpreter other usages: some academic intrusion detection systems; event handling middleware; some Monika phones with the defunct Omega (namely NINE, NINE, and NO): the policy engine’s rules switching part is written in Prolog and drives an important part of the handsets’ functionality 3/54 Prolog and logic: Horn clauses in general, a logic program has the following form.

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