Marriage: A Human Right, Not A Heterosexual Privilege Sample Essay

As of November 7. 2012. cheery matrimony has been legalized in nine U. S. provinces ( Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. Connecticut. Iowa. Vermont. New Hampshire. and Washington ) including the District of Columbia. However. 31 provinces have constitutional amendments censoring cheery matrimony and six provinces have Torahs censoring cheery matrimony. There are many statements environing this contention that express highly different sentiments sing supposed results and benefits that would come along with legalising cheery matrimony.

Oppositions argue that legalising cheery matrimony will merely whither traditional matrimony. Harmonizing to the Constitution and the Bible. the establishment of matrimony has been defined as between one adult male and one adult female. In the 1971 determination of Baker v Nelson. the Supreme Court ruled that “The establishment of matrimony as a brotherhood of adult male and adult female. unambiguously affecting the reproduction and raising of kids within a household. is every bit old as the book of Genesis. ”

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In a spiritual point of position. homosexual matrimony is non compatible with the beliefs and traditions of many spiritual groups. Despite learning that homophiles deserve regard. the Catholic Church opposes cheery matrimony and the societal credence of homosexualism and same-sex relationships. As the Catholic Pope said. “No other signifier of relationship between individuals can be considered as an equivalent to this natural relationship between a adult male and a adult female out of whose love kids are born. ” In an economic point of position. homosexual matrimony would entitle cheery twosomes to typical matrimony benefits including claiming a revenue enhancement freedom for a partner. having societal security payments from a asleep partner. and coverage by a spouse’s wellness insurance policy.

Supporters argue that legalising cheery matrimony is. in fact. protected by the Constitution’s committedness to autonomy and equality. In the 1974 determination of Cleveland Board of Education v LaFleur. the Supreme Court ruled that “freedom of personal pick in affairs of matrimony and household life is one of the autonomies protected by the Due Process Clause. ” On August 4. 2010. US District Judge Vaughn Walker states that Prop 8 in California was “unconstitutional under both the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses. ”

From an economic point of position. the economic system can profit from cheery matrimony because homosexual matrimonies can convey fiscal addition to province and local authoritiess. For illustration. the Comptroller for New York City found that legalising cheery matrimony would convey $ 142 million to the City’s economic system and $ 184 million to the State’s economic system over three old ages. From a spiritual point of position. even though the Bible does address homosexualism. it ne’er explicitly references gay matrimony. Reverend Susan Russell says. “Jesus ne’er said a individual word about anything even remotely connected to homosexualism. ” Besides. one of the statements on the resistance side is that same-sex matrimony is non allowed because there is no manner for reproduction. If that were the instance. so sterile twosomes should non be allowed to be married. Ability or desire to make progeny has ne’er been a making for matrimony.

Same-sex matrimony is a civil right. The 1967 Supreme Court instance Loving v. Virginia confirmed that matrimony is “one of the basic civil rights of adult male. ” and same-sex matrimonies should have the same protections given to interracial matrimonies by that opinion. And candidly. it should non be anyone’s concern if a same-sex twosome is married ; two people who love each other should be allowed to publically observe their committedness.