Understanding How to Work with and Support Colleagues Sample Essay

1. Explain the intent of holding criterions for your ain work. Give at least two grounds.

The ‘components’ ( the people who are a portion of. and the ultimate ends ) of the administration ( administration being the operative word ) . demand to hold construction and demand to be organized. or there will be no administration. That is why work criterions are put in topographic point. Everyone who is a member of the administration needs to hold with. and follow with their organisation’s work criterions. in order for the in agreement criterions to be effectual. and for to accomplish the ends of the administration.

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Each administration will hold common work criterions. and work criterions that are curious to their ain peculiar business/industry. All staff members will hold their ain agreed criterions of work. and agreed criterions of work applicable to them as a unit. as a squad member. and as a member of the administration.

Having agreed criterions of work agencies that everyone knows what is required of them. they will be clear on what it is they need to make to realize the criterions. By adhering to common in agreement criterions. for illustration. adhering to the ‘Quality’ criterions will guarantee that the administrations merchandises. and. or services meet the appropriate criterion required for their intent. If an administrations products/services are below criterion. it will non be marketable and the concern would travel out of concern.

Another of import work criterion addresses unneeded waste. waste is dearly-won to concern. and criterions need to be in topographic point to control waste. and if possible to use waste that can be put to another usage. or recycled. if it can non be recycled. it needs to be disposed of in an environmentally ethical manner. By run intoing these criterions: The jurisprudence is upheld ; Environmental harm is minimized ; The administration earns a positive image/reputation.

Staff need to detect appropriate behavioral criterions. When we work for a company. we represent that company. Everyone has a duty to stand for their administration in a positive professional mode. particularly where the occupation function involves direct contact with the administrations customers/clients. As the ‘Face’ of the company. staff need to do certain that the ‘Face’ is a friendly one. This can be achieved through professional physical presentation. and demeanor. and through a warm. friendly. positive. and helpful attitude. If the administration requires staff to have on a uniform. or abide by an in agreement frock codification. so it is of import that this is adhered to.

Employees of an administration work interdependently. If any member fails to take their work criterions earnestly. it will impact on the other people. and impact the team’s end product and the administrations effectiveness in accomplishing it’s ends.

2. Explain the intent of taking on new challenges and being able to accommodate to alter at work.

Business’ need to alter and accommodate: In order to set up themselves ; In order to vie in a really competitory market ; and in order to come on. and win. Administrations need to be invariably cognizant of. and maintain abreast of the many factors that impact on the administration. Because they will hold to accommodate. and. or alteration. Administrations need to be ready for. and to be after for contingencies originating from: Political ; Economical ; Social ; Technological ; Legal. necessities. All these factors means that alteration and version is inevitable – Changes can hold positive impact on many of the administrations members. and some alterations may hold unwanted deductions for other people.

In order to do alterations. and versions easier to implement. and to incorporate into the administration. all the members of the administration. with the leading of their directors. demand to draw together. and take part in taking on the new challenges that result from the alterations. Taking on the new challenges that the changes/adaptations require may expose members of the administration to new accomplishments. and competences that will heighten their apprehension. and enable them to accomplish their work outlooks. It can be a opportunity for people to show to their employer that they are on-board. that they care about the administration. and that they want to. and are willing to make every bit much as they can to assist ease. implement. and action the new changes/adaptations.

By being concerted. proactive and working interdependently. everyone can run into the new challenges and assist accomplish success for the administration. particularly if the alterations are complex. and necessitate major accommodations for the people – by taking on the challenges and back uping one another they will beef up their work relationships and be able to show. and recognize their ain value to the company. they will be energised. motivated. and happy to be portion of the administration. Being flexible. adaptable. and participatory in the alteration procedure will give the administration a back bone. and assist the administration base solid in a competitory market.

3. Explain the intent of handling others with honestness and consideration.

We are all members of society. and there are assorted ‘norms’ ‘rules’ . ‘conventions’ that are applicable to guarantee that society is ‘civilisesd’ There are regulations and conventions that are curious to the period of clip ( conventions in the fifteenth century. would differ to our century ) . conventions that are curious to each society in the universe. and conventions that apply to all peoples.

Consideration of our fellow people is critical to our endurance. without it anarchy would result. Society is mutualist. and we are mutualist people. This mutuality necessitates consideration for one another. Society and the administrations in society can non work without honestness. and people can non work without honestness. “if a sufficiently wide definition of ‘lying’ is adopted. it seems utterly impossible to get away prevarications. either because of cases of self-deceit or because of the societal building of our character. ” ( Andrea Borghini – About. com doctrine usher ) . There are cases where it is morally justifiable to lie. possibly to protect a life. It is ‘impossible to get away lies’ this doesn’t average society is based on dishonesty. Administrations in society rely on honestness. and consideration among its mutualist members for them to be successful. The effects of fraudulence are dearly-won. damaging to reputes. and finally destructive – This can be seen in the current dirt over Equus caballus meat being used in merchandises. without being declared. and porc used in ……products.

In the work environment it’s vital to be upfront and crystalline. Honesty does non imply a “me I say it as it is” sort of attitude. this can be intimidating. and disrespectful – ‘I say it as it is’ carries the ‘unsaid ‘according to me’ . and tells people that you are opinionated. and may be hard to work with. To be honest. we need to be respectful. tactful and considerate of others. this will demo people that we are trusty. dependable and co-operative squad participants. Bing honest and considerate of others is critical for the intents of a cohesive. satisfied work unit. that is efficient. effectual. and productive.