What Kind of Thinker Are You? Sample Essay

1. What is critical thought?
a. Critical thought is the intellectually disciplined procedure of actively and skilfully gestating. using. analysing. synthesising. and/or measuring information gathered from. or generated by. observation. experience. contemplation. concluding. or communicating. as a usher to belief and action. 2. What are the three most important things that you learned approximately critical thought during this class? The three most important things I have learned about critical thought are as follows: b. Clarify Your Thinking

I. Look out for vague or blurred thought. Try to calculate out the existent significance of what people are stating. Look on the surface and beneath and seek to calculate out the existent significance of of import narratives. Explain your apprehension of an issue to person else to assist clear up it in your head. Practice sum uping in your ain words what others are stating. You can besides inquire inquiry and clear up if you understood them right. You should neither hold nor differ with what anyone says until you have a full apprehension. c. Stick to the Point

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two. Be on the sentinel for believing that leaps in your head with no logical connexions. Stay focused on what is relevant. Focus on happening what will assist work out the job. When person brings up a point that doesn’t seem pertinent to the issue at manus. ask. inquiries like “How is what you are stating relevant to the issue? ” When you are working through a job. do certain you stay focused on what helps turn to the job and non let your head to roll to things that don’t affair. Don’t allow others to roll from the chief issue. d. Be Reasonable

three. A cardinal measure to being a critical mind is the ability to alter one’s head when given good ground to alter. Good minds want to alter their thought when they discover better thought. They can be moved by a ground. Few are willing to alter their heads one time set on a peculiar thought. Few are willing to suspend their beliefs to to the full hear the positions of those with which they disagree. 3. How has your critical thought changed since get downing this class? e. My thought has changed in that I am no longer biased or merely a one directional mind. I now expand my head and seek to see from others point of positions.

4. Re-evaluate your phase of development in critical thought and why you placed yourself in that phase. If your evaluation has changed since Week One. explicate why you think this alteration occurred. f. My evaluation has change since hebdomad one because now I consider myself more of an advanced mind. I am non rather at the maestro mind phase and I may ne’er make that phase. nevertheless. I have a much better perspective and cognition of my manner of believing than I did traveling into this class. 5. How do you be after to travel yourself from your current phase of development in critical thought to the phase of maestro mind? g. I plan to follow all the phases of being a critical mind closely and set up good wonts of idea. I will besides endeavor to continually to be fair-minded and listen to all points of position.